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Having a beer with you couples looking for Searching Dating

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Having a beer with you couples looking for

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It'd be best to meet a female (ages 24-45 preferred) coules would like to play occasionally. I certainly don't have the ass I had, but have been told it still looks good for 58.

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: Houston, TX
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Married, But Looking For A "Friend"

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In a good relationship, sharing a frosty-cold light beer on a sunny afternoon with your main hang is among the more glorious doing-nothing experiences on earth. Women looking sex Toxey Alabama add booze to a bad relationship, or one with even the slightest bit of tension roiling below, and you may as well hop onto a giant bottle of vodka and ride it into a carnival funhouse of coupoes mirrors.

They certainly can be. Booze, it should be noted, can be great at detecting and swiftly surfacing any contemptuous feelings in a relationship, no matter how deeply repressed they may be.

Or rather, the booze will turn a perfectly good thing bad all by itself, too. And yet, drinking together can be sweet and silly and fun!

The right amount of drinking can be a great bonding experience, something to while away the night, and a warmly remembered ritual of easygoing rapport between a couple. Like in the movie Drinking Buddiesexcept if the leads were romantically involved.

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Largely this is because drunk people individually are usually an exercise in extremes. Still, research has delved into what actually matters most when it comes to drinking and coupling.

In those couples, the divorce rate was 50 percent when one person knocked back six or more drinks a night, while the other person, one can only guess, Casual encounters Kapolei a little knitting. In other words, being totally soused all the time alone in a marriage confers the same divorce rate as every other married couple out there playing bingo instead. But getting hammered together improves your odds.

Also of note, women were unhappier in couples when they were the lone drinker and their husband declined to join in. That, the drinking women said, was because there was more negativity and criticism when they Having a beer with you couples looking for foe tying one on solo.

Trouble also brews Ladies seeking sex Liberty North Carolina two couples used to drink together a lot, and then one suddenly announces the party is over and they will now be sober. Called disequilibriumit can lead to the newly sober partner growing, evolving and picking up new, healthier habits, while the other person is just still sitting around getting drunk.

You know how the couple who pray together stay together? Well, the couple who swill together chill together. At least in older couples.

Havinf Ina study from the Gerontological Society of America asked some 5, marrieds who Having a beer with you couples looking for over 50 years of age about how much they imbibe. They found a link between drinking habits and marital happiness. And the link was this: People who drink the same amount in a relationship are happiest, whether the same means none, a couple or evenings doing keg stands in the backyard.

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Researchers assumed it was likely that people who drink together just like hanging out and doing stuff together in their leisure, drinking included. But of note: These people had been married, on average, 33 years.

And 75 percent of them were still on the first marriage. Which means marriage does more than preserve your liver, it preserves your love.

Drinking, then, when done in similar amounts, is a salve, a social lubricant, a bonding experience and often a bang-up time. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL. Formerly at Jezebel.

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