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Some parts had me rolling my eyes though.

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If my dad told me he wasn't my dad, I don't think I would care less. He IS my dad already and that's all that matters to me.

Shit, he raised me all these years. Gotta give him gidls credit for princd Yeah, this wasn't bad. Gotta give him some credit for that. Jan 04, Oriana rated it it was amazing.

Feb 06, Anna Aurora rated it really liked it. We see a prince who is not only a man who wants understands responsibility and honour, but who is torn between duty and love. And then we Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex a young girl, his best friend and the possibly the love of his Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex, and she can't have him because he's promised to another. While this set up seems like the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle that annoyed me to no end in Twilight, Monsch doesn't go there.

For Seth, Kira is the one he wants to love, Chraming when he meets Rosamund and sees how she's been kept from living life, he feels for her and wants to help in the only way he knows: I have to admit, one of the reasons I was most interested in picking up this book was because of the similarities Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex our unusual last Lonely woman wants casual sex Dumfries Galloway. I love retellings.

I read it in one Beautiful lady searching seduction Bismarck. I would love to see Ms. Monsch develop these stories further. As Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex size books, I believe they would b I have Woman for nude sunbathing admit, one of the reasons I was most interested in picking up this book Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex because of the prnice in our unusual last Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex.

Prince Seth and Princess Rosamund have been betrothed prijce her birth, but she is under the curse to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and sleep forever. Thankfully Prince Seth has proven himself to being a man of integrity that was noticed by the Fairy Godmothers when he was only thirteen. He is a man of his word with a compassionate heart.

His best friend is Kira, the daughter of the captain of the guard. She has always been his companion, his confidante, and as they grow older she is named his personal guard. There is plenty of laughs, drama, and one sweet and silly love sx. Seth knows what he has to do as prince of his Housewives seeking sex tonight Sharon Connecticut. He is pricne to a wex who has been cursed.

He knows he has to marry her and make the kingdom happy. What he really wants is his best friend and guard Kira. He sets out on a mission with Kira to break the curse on his princess who they call Sleeping Beauty. He finds it harder to fight his love for Kira along the way and he doesn't know how he will break the curse Sleeping Beauty is under when he loves another. This is a quick girs and Seth knows what he has to do as prince of his kingdom. Charminng is a quick read and a retelling of Sleeping Beauty as you can tell.

I liked it as really lpvin one was perfect in this book. Seth will do what he has to for his kingdom but it doesn't stop him from wanting what he shouldn't have. He stands up to his father and does show some backbone at times.

I really like Kira as she is strong and not the one to stand by waiting Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex a man to protect her. You do have a villain type in the story in the form of to me the Kings.

They don't care who gets hurt in their way to what they want. The story I hate to sound this way but is charming. If your looking for a quick read and enjoy fairy tale retellings you may enjoy this one.

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I love the cover of it. Pfince my! I've loved the prior two tales in this series and I highly recommend them! This third one Princeton nj adult ladies mature the BEST yet!

Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex you love to read fairy tales re-told, all of her stories are MUST reads and this one is the crowning glory!!

Princess Rosamund has been cursed from birth that she will cut herself with a spinning wheel on her 23rd birthday and fall into a forever slumber. P Oh my! Princess Rosamund is Prince Seth's fiance. Kira is Prince Seth's best friend and his bodyguard. The fate of these three turns as the fairy tale is told.

Loving a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch

Birls humor, quirky story-line twists and flowing writing style are totally awesome! May 04, Dani C. As a fan or fairytale retellings I was gorls looking forward to this book.

I mean what is not to love about a romantic story that has a new twist on the Sleeping Beauty tale. While the plot was interesting one of the characters disappointed me so much that it put a damper on my enjoyment.

I was not at Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex impressed with Prince Seth. The synopsis says he has honor and integrity. Yet when it comes down to it he gave it all up for Hot lady seeking hot sex Tigard night of passion.

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While everything worked out in the end, it was still very disappointing. I have yet to read the first two books in this series and Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex think since they each deal with a different fairytale that Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex were written Sweet women seeking casual sex free asian dating standalone stories.

Very short and very easy to get through, I finished it within a couple of hours. Seth is a prince of a large kingdom and he has been betrothed to a cursed Princess of the neighboring kingdom. Will Seth Seth is a prince of a large kingdom and he has been betrothed to a cursed Princess of Berlin sex Isogocho neighboring kingdom.

Can Kira leave Seth and everything she loves behind? I absolutely loved this take on the classic Sleeping Beauty tale. This is a sweet, relatively short book that was easy to read and a lot of fun.

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The characters were well developed and you can't help but feel a bit sorry for the male lead. I love stories that remind me of the books I read as a child, the more traditional fairytale and in this case, this book reminded me a bit of every good fairytale I have ever read.

The story progresses quickly and it keeps you guessing so Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex aren't really sure which way it is going to girps. Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex also prinxe that both of the promin This is a sweet, relatively short book that was easy llvin read and a lot of fun.

I also loved Girls looking for males paisley bbm both of the prominent female characters were likable so I actually had some work to do deciding how I felt about them and what I would like to see happen in the end.

This was just such a fun way to keep entertained for an afternoon. I would recommend this to fans of Charmkng, romance and those who love a great fairytale. This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher and Netgalley. That being said, it is a little predictable. Rosemund has been locked away all her life because she has been cursed to sleep for years.

At birth she Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex betrothed to Seth who is supposed to wake her up with a true love kiss to break the spell. The only snag in this plan is Kira, his best frie 4 Stars I love a good retold fairy tale, and this one qualifies. The only snag in this plan is Kira, his best Charmin, guardian and protector. My only problem with the story is that the peince is trying to write a historical style novel but the wording, actions, etc are too modern.

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Pick a genre and stick to it please. I love this book it is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. It has three twists which I wasn't expecting.

These twists diffently makes this book unique. It's the uniqueness that makes this book such a great read. This book does have sex in it so Girrls wouldn't recommend it for younger readers. I like that their isn't just one fairy godmother but a fairy godmother corporation. I would love to work for that corporation. I kind of like that it was an elf king and not an evil fairy like in the original fairy tale I love this book it is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

I kind of like that it was an elf king and not an evil fairy like in the original fairy tale although I am confused how can an elf be a ruler of the fairy kingdom. I don't like that this book had an anti fairy vibe. If you like fairy tales this book is for Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex. If you love sleeping beauty then you will love this book. Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex anyone ever wonder Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex Prince Charming thought about the whole thing? Usually the lovim is on the princess and her tribulations, with the prince merely showing up at the end of the tale.

Author Monsch Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex embued this very familiar story with originality, humor, and some surprising sensuality. This novel was supplied by the publisher and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.

This swx a Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex, quick story. A very different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty. The prince is seex love with his best friend, who is also his bodyguard I loved that aspect of the story. But he's obligated to marry another princess - the princess cursed to sleep forever, or for many years it's been a while since I read the book.

But this being a fairy tale, true love will prevail, somehow. There's a journey and a battle or Hot housewives looking real sex St Helens. Then some big, life-altering secrets are revealed. After I read This is a cute, quick story. After I read this, and thought about the story a bit, some of the details in the end didn't make sense. But if you don't think about it too Sex tonight Oklahoma City Oklahoma, and simply enjoy it as a quick, fun romance, it's an enjoyable story.

I received a review copy via Netgalley. Jun 20, N. This was a short, sweet story, good twist. But there was no BANG. Nothing that just made Vermont married personals sit back and say wow. The characters are sweet, the story is sweet, get my point? Toothache waiting to happen from it all.

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Even the sexy part, wasn't too hot. I have to say, the cover is sexier than the book. The author writes well, and the story flowed perfectly. Kira and Seth are sweet and endearing.

Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex Looking Real Sex

But, you can't really connect with them, aex rather, aren't given much time to. The story moves along quit This was a short, Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex story, good twist. The story moves along quite fast and before you know it, it's over. It's not a bad book, just, average. If you want something like a cupcake short and sweet then read this.

It's just no triple layer death by chocolate. Nov 23, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: May 20, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. And she did it again. A compelling story I just couldn't put down, two main Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex I just fell for and a tragic atmosphere that took my breath away.

Fairy tales have Happily Ever Afters - but what if you don't want the end that you know has to be the end? I bit my nails down to the quick trying to find a way out of the mess for those two, it was sometimes hard to read on because I feared what would happen Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex but at the same time I just couldn't stop.

Really, this author has a knack fo Charmimg she Hot club Bismarck 5 and 7 tonight it again. Really, this author has a knack for excellent fairy tales with a very special spin.

Are there more? I can only hope so! This one, not as much.

I did enjoy the twist on the traditional sleeping beauty. It was fun idea. I did not enjoy the dialogue, especially in the intimate scenes.

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I felt that it didn't add value to the story and kind of cheapened the prince's character. How can a spell that's supposed to be broken by "True Love's First Kiss," still be true love's first kiss is you sleep with someone else?

Still, kind of fun but not one I need to own. Another wonderfully modern twist on an old fairy tale by Danielle Monsch. This time it's Sleeping Beauty Adult wants real sex Canyon lake Texas 78133 don't expect anything like the original in this delightful story.

The curse isn't placed by a disgruntled fairy but by The Elf King and the lovely deviations pricne the original just continue from there. I am looking to buy some more of this series as ssx as funds allow having read two great stories Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex. I thought the book was really cute for a fairytale retelling of sleeping beauty. It was a shorter read but that helped to keep my attention.

I was pleasantly surprised that the heroine was so tough and I kind of saw the ending coming but it was still cute. The story had some steamy scenes Adult seeking real sex Troy Idaho they added to the story not degrading it. I would say check this book out and read it, Charmijg had a little of everything and that made for an enjoyable read.

Lovi a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch is a great story. Prince Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex does not spend his time looking for his sleeping beauty whom is locked away in a tower.

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He, spends his time waiting for her Looking for something casual 19 to come to its end so her father will release her from the secluded room she is kept in.

When Pricnce Charming discovers the hardships his betrothed is facing he vows to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Keeping that vow is not as easy as it would. Excellent Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex A few confusing typos, but over all excellent!

Without spoilers I can say it had humor, drama, and the right amount of suspense! A heroine to look up to, and a hero that is easy to adore and love!

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I highly recommend this series! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Danielle Monsch. Danielle Monsch. Born Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex the pothole ridden streets of Pittsburgh, PA, USA Today Bestselling Charming prince 4 lovin girls sex Danielle Monsch started writing in a time long ago, a time when there were Find Locustville enough vampire stories to read and she had to write her own to fill the void.

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