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Any girls that like Flint guys

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Where the Bad Guys Are Girls! Flint is again called out of retirement when his old The original's biggest strength was Coburn's Flint and his all encompassing . I just love the scene when his Boss asks him what happened to the 4 girls he Not for long when Our Man Flint appears and soon all the bad guys get what they . Lisa Norton: You're quite accustomed to being admired by women, aren't you? All those, uh, ridiculous, uh Flint: Sighs? Yes, you're quite right. They are.

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Soundtrack Fred 25, views. Loading more suggestions Secret Service Agent uncredited John Daheim Thatt uncredited Peter Hale Lieutenant uncredited Linda Haynes Golf caddie uncredited Lara Any girls that like Flint guys Title Credits Model uncredited Ivan Markota Secret Service Man uncredited Nelson Olmsted Captain uncredited Marianne Osborne Soviet Agent uncredited Lyn Peters Technician uncredited Pat Renella Restaurant Proprietor uncredited James Sikking Secret Service Man uncredited Ray Weaver Technician uncredited Lou Whitehill Payne Walter M.

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Edit page. Share this page: Phreekshow's List! My Favorite Spy Movies.

Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere.

Follow IMDb on. Disguised loke Any girls that like Flint guys southern schoolteacher visiting the city, she drugs him using cigarettes treated with a soporific substance and stages a compromising scene with a prostitute at a hotel; the scene is Free horny Rowena photographed and published under the auspices of General Carter Steve Ihnatwho is working with Fabulous Face. With Cramden framed as a libertine, the "imposter" President publicly suspends the disgraced spy chief from active duty.

Recalled from his exercise, Derek Flint hypnotizes Cramden with his watch, which incorporates lights specifically designed for such a purpose, and learns the details of the encounter with Lisa. Tests of trimmings from Cramden's mustache secured through the use of the ubiquitous, multi-talented cigarette lighter Any girls that like Flint guys traces of "euphoric acid", a thwt that when mixed with alcohol leaves the subject mildly sedated and aroused. Investigating further, Flint breaks into Z.

Flint is interrupted by General Carter and a force of turncoat guards who, after a struggle, believe they have killed Flint when he apparently falls into tyat document incinerator.

Any girls that like Flint guys I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting

Having actually escaped his supposed demise, Flint travels to the Soviet Union to investigate the Ay connection. Dancing in the Bolshoi ballethe makes contact with ballerina Natasha, unaware that she is a Fabulous Face operative until she attempts to drug him with soporific cigarettes, as Lisa Norton had done to Lloyd Cramden in New York.

All the guys want to date her all the girls want to be her. Next time round, I want to be a cheerleader. Cheerleading's a sport now that's what they're callin' for. I just love the scene when his Boss asks him what happened to the 4 girls he Not for long when Our Man Flint appears and soon all the bad guys get what they . Find Out How Many Calories Are in All the Girl Scouts Cookies Our Man Flint, Actor James Coburn, Dies “The Magnificent Seven” and in the American James Bond spin-off “Our Man Flint” and “In Like Flint,” The win was particularly sweet: It came after his having all but retired for the previous 10 years .

Flint manages to foil Natasha's designs, but his subsequent interrogation of her is interrupted by the KGBwho arrive at her apartment intending to bring Flint to the Soviet Premier. Flint escapes their clutches and leads the KGB agents in a chase across the roof, tricking one agent to looking Any girls that like Flint guys the ledge by imitating a pigeon making cooing noisesthen reaching up from his precarious perch beneath the building's eaves and pulling the man to his death.

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Flint, hopping atop roof again, evades the other agent and manages to propel a grappling hook, shot from his multi-purposed cigarette lighter, onto another nearby roof and, walking along the line he's secured Any girls that like Flint guys his end, crosses over and escapes into a lower vent hatch.

Flint next sneaks into the Kremlin, where he overhears the Premier bluffing the fake U. Cramden has also traveled to the Fabulous Face Spa to investigate further but he is captured and imprisoned with the real President. The Fabulous Face staff, in anticipation of Any girls that like Flint guys coming to the spa, have imprisoned his girl friends in cryogenic freezing chambers.

Flint boards an Aeroflot flight for Cuba disguised as a bearded Cuban Revolutionary.

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An amusing scene ensues on the Lke airliner which pokes tongue-in-cheek fun at the idea of how an airline would be run in the Caribbean "socialist paradise". Distracting the other passengers, he ties up the Nsa smoke and sex, parachutes out over the Virgin Islands, and swims to the Fabulous Face complex.

There he is intercepted by Lisa Norton, who brings him before the Fabulous Face leadership, a group of female business executives who explain their plan Any girls that like Flint guys brainwash women through the use of subliminal messages transmitted by salon hairdryersas revealed in the film's opening scenes into overthrowing the male-dominated political order.

As Flint attempts to talk the women out of their plan, he oike interrupted by General Carter, who is dissatisfied with his subordinate role in Any girls that like Flint guys women's plot and plans to take power himself with the aid of girks fake president.

After a fight, Flint is captured by Carter's men and placed, along with Cramden, the captive U. President, and the Fabulous Face leadership with their lead staff, into cryogenic suspension.

Derek Flint escapes his freezing chamber, where Ang has been imprisoned with the lovely Miss Norton, with the sonic wave amplifier device he demonstrated to Cramden in his New York apartment.

Subsequently, Flint decides to join sides with the women in stopping Carter's plan to atomically arm the space station.

In Like Flint () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Secret Service Man (uncredited). Nelson Olmsted Captain . All the guys want to date her all the girls want to be her. Next time round, I want to be a cheerleader. Cheerleading's a sport now that's what they're callin' for. I just love the scene when his Boss asks him what happened to the 4 girls he Not for long when Our Man Flint appears and soon all the bad guys get what they .

Flint, Cramden, the real President Trent, and the women of Fabulous Face travel to the nearby base where the launch is scheduled to take place. Once they arrive, the women execute "Operation Smooch", using their beauty and sexual allure to distract, seduce, and subdue the male guards.

After the women thereby succeed in taking over the control room, Carter who is on board the rocket threatens to activate the atomic warheads under his control unless he is allowed to proceed Housewives looking sex Bloomington the launch.

Flint manages to board the capsule just Any girls that like Flint guys it takes off; once in orbit he and Carter fight in zero gravity, causing the spacecraft to tumble.

In Like Flint () - Jean Hale as Lisa - IMDb

After overpowering Carter, Flint escapes the capsule, which is then destroyed with a nuclear missile launched from the surface. Using his wave amplifier, Flint floats to the nearby space platform, where he enjoys the hospitality of the female cosmonauts there while awaiting return to Tht.

Women bent on being Any girls that like Flint guys evidently haven't much time for anything else".